About me..

Alysha Kaur lives in England. She began falling in love with fashion ever since she could remember. Alysha has just finished her 2 year BTEC Media course at college. In September 2014 she started a YouTube and Blog called Alysha’s Affordable Fashion, it didn’t do as well as she would have hoped. Yet she is back and thriving for another shot with Alysha’s Fashion X Beauty.

She has produced a video called Life Waits For Nobody which is personal video showcasing her thoughts and feelings in an Avant Garde theme.

Fun Facts about me:

My favourite celebs are Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia, Carli Bybel, Khloe Kardashian.

My favourite food is my dad’s butter chicken with rice.

My favourite thing to do apart from blogging and vlogging is spending time with my friends.

My favourite genre of music varies, I love Bryson Tiller,Zayn Malik, Kanye West, Weekend and Justin Bieber..

One thing I like to do that nobody knows about me is that I like to dance around with my brother and both pretend to be on the X-factor, belting out our voices.

My favourite place is London.

My dislike is that I don’t like when people are afraid to showcase their true feelings.

Alysha is a very down to earth, ambitious and artistic. Showcasing her talents through social media.

Welcome to Alysha’s Fashion X Beauty

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