Fitness and getting your motivation back!

So recently I have opted for the healthy lifestyle. No I’m not cutting out anything in my diet or going on a smoothie diet. I am adding more to my diet..

I had lost weight and gained it, then lost it again and gained it. My process of thinking once I look good and I’m happy with the way I am. I stop working out fully, I then eat and eat then I gain the weight.. Why? I honestly don’t know why.. I think many people complimented me and it made me feel good.. So I guess I just thought ‘Oh I can stop now’.

NO! That’s wrong and you should turn that to motivate you more! This time it’s different.. I am going on holiday in January and I want to look good; blog about what I wore and beauty tips when I am back from that holiday.

Yet I defiantly want to keep it up, I want to look good and be healthy and not just for a holiday.

I have recently joined a gym and have been given a routine to work out when I am at the gym.

Within this routine I worked my bum, toning my stomach, and legs too! It is painful the next day but I promise you the results will be worth it! I know my blog wont be the healthy, motivational, full on fitness blog. But it will showcase to everyone that it’s okay to not feel good within yourself, you know why?
Because you can motivate yourself and change it. Recently I went on a night out with my sister. I noticed something that triggered a switch in my brain. I looked horrible, not as in my eyeliner was off or that my makeup was smudged.. I looked unhealthy and I hated it. I felt confident that night and I honestly don’t know why I wanted to go out. I get told not to be harsh on myself and I get told i’m pretty. But I honestly need to be happy with myself and if nobody is nice. I need to be harsh on myself to ensure that I get the body I want..
I love food and no doubt I think about what I’ll be eating the next day.. or maybe in the next five minutes. I have always been like that.
I know that if I don’t change it, the future wont be bright for me. So I have made a promise to myself. I want to look good in clothes, I want to be confident, I want to feel as if I walked into a room and everyone stares for a good reason..

I will do that by changing what I do, when I want to watch TV instead of sitting around for an hour or two I can work out my abs or arms. If the house work needs doing I can make it into a work out routine and really work hard. I have a rowing machine so if I don’t have time to go to the gym, I will work out on it. I will not just go full on and not work my way up. It takes time to burn off fat and replace that fat with muscle.

When I said that my diet won’t change, it wont. I will be able to cut down on my portions and obviously be able to eat breakfast everyday.
I hardly ever eat breakfast, this isn’t good as I haven’t eaten in eight hours and waiting for another seven or eight to have brunch doesn’t do any good for your body. I like either granola with Greek yoghurt and honey or a little golden syrup. Avocado, toast and egg is my favourite breakfast as it fills me up a lot and you can add a little hot sauce to spice it up.

Fitness and motivation is hard, and I will honestly try and I will get the best most healthiest I have ever been.

I hope you all can join me on being healthy, and make sure that you’re happy with whatever body you have!

Alysha Kaur

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