The good quote that’ll change your perspective.. I love you


yes you
Even the people who know me but don’t like me, but will watch my page.
It’s ok Fam
I have love for you and now that you have read this you cant change that, you can’t
take back the love, only return it.

Thank you. I love you too..

I saw this quote yesterday, and knowing what this meant made me think.. Every girl, boy, woman and man has been through the thoughts and feelings we have had. It is crazy how many girls and guys compare themselves to a life of Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, David Beckham, Chris Brown or anyone famous.. They show their most lavish lifestyle, on their private jets, getting so much money within a week of appearances just arriving there for a few hours?

How can we think that this is even right, its NOW normality to compare yourselves to celebrities.
Why? Its because of the media, the social media writers have so much time and insecurities about themselves, they put their time and effort to stalk these celebs. So we compare like they do, wishing they would have their life. Why you ask.. BECAUSE WE’RE OBSESSED WITH HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVE.. When you think about it have you ever spent your time, honestly reading hours of the Daily Mail, clicking on paparazzi videos of a celeb just coming out of their house and running errands.. I know I have.
I honestly look back at it and think why? The paparazzi’s that don’t have a life stalking 24/7 creating havoc, its beating them up because they can’t go anywhere and its because we don’t even spend time hours just stuck into reading a book. We have such world of celebrites and normal people, we forget they’re normal human beings at the end of the day, they all have good and bad days. They have money to make them look good and they have places to go when they feel bad or upset. You see these celebs falling of the famous wagon and checking themselves to rehab. It’s because its too much, imagine you being followed by strangers taking photos of you, you wanting time and space but you cant because people know your face. They all have their insecurities, we may love everything about them but they may not. Being in the public eye is probably so much harder than it is showcased. I bet you couldn’t last a week what they go through. I know I couldn’t..

Terms such as body goals, bae goals, life goals? Why would we use them, I’m guilty of using them.. But we use these terms due to social media planting that the little things that make you happy (whatever they may be) arent good enough. What happened to looking back at a photo, hearing a song and thinking about the amazing moments you’ve had. I have a long way to go as a human being to be happy with myself and what I am going to do within my future career.

We as people are very cooped up in the fact that celebs have this amazing lifestyle, the lavish parties and amazing friends. You have to understand that what we see on social media, is put there so we compare ourselves.. When reading this quote its so true.. Why would you care if someone is giving you criticism, why give a flying f***. Its attention right? So be thankful for where you are, be happy for what you have and what you are going to achieve.

As a child I was a very loud and a energetic little girl. I basically didn’t take s**t from anyone. Mostly kids don’t and that’s because they are at that age where they will be weird and unique and themselves. It’s because when you’re young as a girl you think boys are smelly and your friends are the only best friends you will ever have.. Yet when you grow up, people grow apart. The elderly are happy because they’ve seen it all, they have been through life and know expectations vs reality.
I used to be a wild child but in a good way.. yet I stopped that when I became a secondary student it was another world, I pretended to be someone I wasn’t and I don’t know why? I felt I had to fit in, but follow everyone else, try and be someone I wasn’t. The first year of college wasn’t any different either. I didn’t act myself because I wasn’t happy in what I was doing. I wasn’t confident I was not the girl I am today..
This is because I didn’t have the friends I had.. I’m not going to have favouritism in my blog but EVERYONE who has been there for me, pushed me to blog and YouTube again. Thank you, it’s because of you I am happier within myself and a lot more confident.
I took Media BTEC in my second year of college after basically not wanting to take A-Levels anymore. I was amazed at what I could do as a person with a camera and the editing software, my teachers encouraged me to do better and within my final time at college I was amazed at my final piece.

I’m currently listening to Felix Jaehn ‘Ain’t nobody’, I love the song but I think the lyrics should be ‘Ain’t nobody loves me better than me’.. You know why? It’s because you need to be happy, you need to look back and think wow look at what I’ve achieved. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU F***ING ARE!

Don’t ever think about anyone else, care about you and you will be happier within yourself.
Alysha Kaur

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