The Bulls Head

I have been to many restaurants, but for once for my sister’s 25th birthday we didn’t go to an Indian restaurant.. We decided to go somewhere different and just a change of scenery. My sister had once gone to The Bulls Head. She explained about how ‘amazing’ the food was and how beautiful the garden room was.
As it was her 25th birthday we decided to go, we were greeted by automatic sliding doors and stunning fairy lights above us, trees were  brightly coloured and the branches curves themselves over the tables. There was a running theme within the garden room, the menu’s were wooden, the table lights were little bird cages and it was very peaceful.
Even though I went to this restaurant with family, you could have a romantic dinner for two. The little twinkling lights on the roof were like the small midnight stars. I don’t like over complicated interior decorated rooms (this was an example of simple is better).
The branch leaves on the pink tree are fake yet the tree trunk is real. I think within having a simple yet very welcoming theme such as this, is beautiful and very innovative..
Now… The all important food and drinks. Whenever I go to a restaurant I like trying something new and different. I decided as I love green tea, I would enjoy a peach and green tea drink, the flavours of the green tea and peach complimented each other so well. It was very light, refreshing and also it wasn’t fizzy.

For starters we had the Authentic Japanese Yakitori sticks, These sticks are made on a Japanese grill, we ordered the Cajun chicken + sour cream &chive,  Grilled salmon + rocket pesto, Tiger Prawns + chilli & garlic butter and Fillet steak + mustard mayo. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything as flavoursome. Many people talk about having steak and the meat being like cutting into butter.. Well this was one of the best pieces of beef I have ever had, I loved how the mustard mayo gave the steak a slight warmth and heat n the palate. (By far the best starter I have had in a very long time). Once the starters were devoured we were presented with a lemon sorbet to cleanse our palate. I loved the lemon sorbet as it was creamy but very refreshing.

We ordered the ever so famous Fish and Chips, the fish is a premium cod fillet in a ‘Freedom’ batter, this means that the batter is with locally brewed premium lager. Served with real chips, mushy peas and home-made tartare it was enough to feed a family of three. I was amazed by the size of the fish and the amount you had. The food was presented in a wooden box which made the food look and feel more rustic (very good for blogging photos). My mum and dad are both hard to please when it comes to something battered, yet they weren’t disappointed. I was amazed how crunchy the batter was (even when I drenched it in vinegar).
I am also going to tell you a little secret, I’m not one of those girls to eat dainty, when it comes to me and my food I love it! I think you can tell that if you like to cook, love the preparation and the anticipation you are like me my friend (obsessed with food..that aside).
I always preview the menu, due to the fact of that if I didn’t want to be at the restaurant for a good hour, analysing on what I would want to eat or even drink for that matter.  Looking at the menu I noticed something called Posh Chips. These chips were with parmesan and truffle oil, thinking about it, a foodie like me who loves cheese and anything fried I was very sceptical about how these would taste. Instead of the real chips with the Char-grilled Cajun chicken burger (with grilled bacon + sour cream + melting brie cheese + green leaves) we swapped to the posh chips. I cant even exaggerate the fact that these chips were LIFE! I thought that they would be dripping in oil and soggy, the truffle oil infused the chips and the parmesan was just sprinkled on top. I don’t think I have ever been so happy.. (I think when I go back i’ll be ordering these again and again).
(Now within having different main courses such as a pizza and fish and chips there is a slight delay). This isn’t due to people ordering and the chefs not keeping on time, it is because that dishes on the Pizza menu are prepared in the pizza kitchen in the pub, all the other dishes are prepared in their first floor main kitchen.
Yet there was only (I would say) a five minute delay, which was fine due to the fact when we go for a family meal, we like to share the food.
Me and my sister ordered a fresh wood fired pizza, the thin base was very authentic. As we halved the pizza one half was a Samoa which is a Bbq + Bulls head tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, peppers, onions, salsa, cherry toms and bbq pulled pork. The other half was my choice of the beautiful New Orleans which consisted of chicken breast, hot Cajun spices, spinach, mushrooms, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, mozzarella and bulls head tomato sauce. I think that the only fault I could pick with this was that as me and my sister shared this and we weren’t given plates or a pizza cutter.
Yet that is not going to change my opinion about the amazing food and the service we had. Not only that as it was my sisters birthday she was given a little dessert, which was very sweet from everyone at The Bulls Head as it was very unexpected.
Overall I think this had been the best experience at a restaurant, it is small but it is so beautiful and homely inside. Every one of the waitresses and waiters were very polite. I will defiantly be returning!
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