Believing in you and only you..

This isn’t one of those sob stories like you hear about in X-Factor. This is a post I hope to motivate you! I finished reading the book 101 simple truths for a better life a few months back. Now at the end of reading this book I had a sense of happiness and gratitude for the life I had. Many people came into my life and I thank everyone for making me and helping me turn into the person I am today.

Yet I want to tell everyone something, someone told me ‘F*** them, its your life, your rules’ when I felt the whole world was turning on me (very exaggerated).
Reading and finishing the book opened my eyes to opportunities I have pushed away in the past. This is due to the fact I was shy, scared, worried or just I honestly couldn’t be bothered. I looked back to this year (seeming as it is nearly the end of 2015). I have achieved a lot and I hope to achieve more and more. I want to look back onto my life, and know that I have done everything I can do to be proud of. I want to make everyone to be proud of me yet most of all I want to inspire young people to do the same.

I just sent an email to my tutor to tell her about something that I will tell you about in a months time. My teacher said something that once I read I had to read again and again.. ‘I’m hoping to organise another Sky trip your experience will be an inspiration for all the students currently studying here.’
To even read that something I have done and achieved will inspire young teens like me, just to showcase what they can achieve once you set your mind to it is honestly crazy!

Now I’m going to tell you all something and you may agree to disagree..I am honestly a sucker for true love. The love that is passionate and doesn’t stop, something that I can keep hold of and be proud to have. (Yes this does have relevance) I yet have to wait for that, but you won’t get it until you are happy within yourself. I have learnt this and it is honestly so true. I like being confident and I want someone to make me feel confident, make me feel like me and not turn me away from what I am inspired to do.

I think within this time writing this I feel so happy and I feel so confident about myself more than ever. This isn’t because I just randomly woke up one day and was confident. It’s to do with your mind set. I wish I could go to every single child who (like me) was bullied and ignored with crazy ideas.
I have started blogging again and I feel much more relaxed when writing it. I feel so happy due to the fact that all these blogs come straight from the heart with so much passion.

You are a human being, there is so much you can do. STOP looking at what you wished you had, if you don’t like where things are going, change it. If you wake up one day and have an idea, write it down. There are so many people with passionate stories and innovative ideas but they don’t share them as they get ridiculed. Don’t ever think like that, I know many people at my age who have been through the hardest times yet have their own business. I think people like that who also have the best heart are the best people to look up to. Not even as someone to even be jealous of, just someone you aspire to be like in the future, being so passionate about something and turning that passion into a hobby is the best thing to do.

I love talking about food, blogs, celebrity fashion but I love also listening to peoples goals, aspirations (yes I do watch motivational videos by FouseyTube and get a little teary). I’m passionate about people achieving what they love, my parents have worked hard all their life. I feel like within having all these amazing people surrounding me right now I want to make them proud.

Believing in you or starting to believe in yourself is one of the best things possible. Right now I think of when I was in year seven (little chubby me) wondering what my life would be like. I still even can’t comprehend the opportunities that I have had and will have, the friends I have made and have just made to be life long friends or more than that.. The people who I have lost but also gained an experience from. Everything in life happens for a reason, you cannot think that this is the end and give up. It’s never a bad life, just a bad day 🙂


Alysha Kaur

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