Tips and tricks before and after a night out..

So as you all know I love dressing up and feeling like a million dollars. To avoid any mishaps there is a few tips and tricks I’d love to share with you!

You all know that the outfit and makeup can either make or break your night.

Tip one: If you need to shape your eyebrows do them, if you have horrible blemishes put a soothing face mask whilst cleaning or even relaxing. Take time to chill out! But if like me your at work MAKE SURE YOU GET SOME REST.

Tip two: ALWAYS make sure that your makeup idea is in your head. If not start researching beauty bloggers for inspiration on YourTube! I always like the neutral look as it’s simple and (lets face it) easier to achieve.
(Tricks on how I achieved my neutral look)

To achieve this look, I applied the smaller version of the Prime Time neutralizing foundation primer (from the starter pack). Once I let that set into my face I placed a small amount of the bareSkin Pure Brightening serum foundation. (When I say small amount I mean very small, due to the fact I only have a sample pot)
I then used my regular Matte SPF 15 foundation by bareMinerals and really buffed this into the skin using the bareMinerals flawless application face brush. Once I was able to buff the foundation around my face and down my neck. I applied a brown shimmer onto my eyes, the best one I have used is the No7 Stay Perfect eyeshadow. As this is a natural look, I didn’t put any other eyeshadow onto my eyes apart from highlighter underneath my eyebrows. For my eye brows I used the Benefit Speed Brow,  Natural Collection mascara, Sleek Face Contour Kit Medium using a contour brush I used the darker shade, to line and a blusher brush to buff (use in outwards motions), I then used the highlighter with the contour brush on the bridge of my nose, near my hair line and under my chin. The lipstick I used was the MAC matte MEHR.

Tip threeThe dress, matching accessories, nails, and bag! The best thing to do is sort out what goes well with your outfit, I purchased the Khaki laser cut New Look dress, I then chose a necklace (which I bought from the charity shop) I always have my gold bracelet and my little charm bracelet, yet I added my watch (with diamantes on). The only reason that I chose a few things is I always keep to less is more.

ASK ANYONE if acrylics were good for your nails I would change my nails every two months tops! Yet unfortunately it’s expensive and kills your nail bed, due to this I have found an amazing alternative which are the House of Holland nails, the nails I purchased were the Glitterbug false nails. The bag has to always be a statement bag! I chose a turquoise Tres chic bag from Miss Selfridge which I won, and now is on offer for £5. Another amazing purchase was the iPhone 6 Basic B***h case.

Tip four: You need to own how you feel and look! There isn’t any point if you put all that effort into looking good when you don’t feel good! Surround yourself with your friends or family and DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY!


I at the age of eighteen had the choice of not to drink, it isn’t because of religious reasons. It is due to the fact I don’t like it. I like being happy, dancing the night away and remembering what I had done that night. Sooo… the morning after is never that bad for me 🙂

But my routine for when I wake up is still to hydrate myself! The night before alcohol does dehydrate you so drink a lot the next day.. DON’T sleep in go out or even on a short walk!! Sundays are the best day to watch a movie too! I love putting my feet up and snuggling into a blanket whilst writing these blogs! Lets face it, bare face and home made lemon drizzle cake by my side. Its paradise.



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