Winter fashion..

As you may or may not know it is now 1 month exactly until Christmas Day. This means ditching the floral dresses for tights, leather boots and winter coats.

I was on a lunch date with one of my closest friends. We hardly see each other but when we do, we pick up where we had left off. Whilst realising that it is getting to the minus temperatures I wanted to experiment with my look a bit more..

I have loved certain looks with bomber jackets but many of them were about £50- £55. My sister introduced me to Lasula, Marnie Simpson and Holly Hagan have teamed together with Lasula promoting their line. I was lucky enough to have a very early Christmas present from my my sister when she surprised me with the Bomber Jacket, Retail Price £21.00 . I like how cosy the bomber jackets are; the inside of the jacket is a bright orange colour (which is what makes the real khaki bomber jacket stand out). My sister didn’t actually pay £21.00 for this jacket, as if you follow Lasula on Instagram the prices usually drop to £16.50, so keep an eye out!

I have always been told that if your a bit wary of a part of your body; that you don’t want to show of too much, extenuate another feature about you.
This is the reason for the dark ‘mustardy’ turtle neck from Topshop (retail price: sale £10) unfortunately the mustard colour isn’t available within the website, but ALWAYS look in your local store! I pieced this outfit on looks that I have seen celebs do, such as the most obvious Kylie Jenner and put my own twist onto it.

But seeming as the days are getting darker and colder it is lucky that I have my fingerless gloves which keep my whole arms arm underneath the jacket! I adore this outfit as it is very cosy, warming and I love how the bomber jacket brings all the outfit together! Some links are at the bottom to show you guys where to get my bag,  similar boots and dark jeans that keep you warm in this bitter winter..

Bag Shoulder Bag, Retail Price £19.99
Jeans Black Skinny Jeans, Retail Price £22.99
Boots Black Lace Up Block Heel Ankle Boots, Retail price £29.99
Black Knitted Cuff Block Heel Boots, Retail Price £29.99

Lots of love
Alysha Kaur

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