My new Iphone 6 cover changed everything..

So have you ever seen one of those amazing videos about new cases or covers to have on your phone. Inside you get a little excited and happy.. Just me??

Well that is exactly what happened when I was watching Towie as I fell in love with Georgia Kousoulou ‘s case. I didn’t know where she got it from so I went on the hunt, I followed Georgia on Instagram and noticed she had tagged Strapzy in her post. At this time I didn’t have my IPhone 6, yet I knew that I would love to have this case on it.


The Strapzy Wrap is amazing and looks so sleek and sexy, there are  different colours to choose from, champagne pink, gold, marina blue, purple, rhino black, rose gold and silver. One think I was sceptical about was if the glitter would come off. Yet the way the skins are made they are shock-absorbing, skid proof, anti-scratch and also anti-fingerprints.

I thought that the silver wrap was the best one yet, but only for £9.99 I would hopefully get the champagne pink, and rose gold one! They don’t just come for iPhone 6 but also 6s, 5 and Samsung S5, 6 and 6 edge.

Within taking mirror selfies you will be the talk of the table! I adore how easy and simple it is to put on, how effortless and timeless the skin is and variety of colours the skins come in!

Lots of Love
Alysha Kaur

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