Let’s get to the good bit..



Have you ever wanted to feel like your the sexiest girl in the club.. or even just look at a girl in the street who you wished you were? Well that was me. This is a fashion blog so I am not trying to be a councillor but always be proud of who you are, think that your sexy because you are exactly that. WHO GIVES A FUCK!

Just be you..

I felt I needed to say that, some girls like me are shy as anything and would love to look and be confident everyday of their lives. I’m never always in makeup and I do have spots and pimples just like every normal person but I just have to embrace who I am because there is only one me.

Now I have that off my chest Let’s get to the good bit (I always hear rizzle kicks ohh and the beat drop in my head when I say that) anyways where was I…

So this look was basically something that personally I couldn’t have ever achieved.. All I did was put my lipstick on and did my hair. I am wearing the scuba back detail midi dress Retail Price at £12.00 down to £10.00.
The true mastermind behind the makeup brushes is my sister, I hate having eyeshadow, eyeliner or anything too much on my eyes as I feel I will always look over the top. Yet sisters being sisters she knows me very well and she is able to understand how I like my makeup. I don’t think I could ever trust anyone except for her to do my makeup. I will also be showing you how I got my tight curls without any heat on my YouTube channel very very soon..

But honestly if you like the way Ariana Grande has her makeup in her latest Focus music video, or even a Tumblr post such as this one..

All I say is the best thing to do is experiment, when you have somewhere to go, try out the latest trends (in plenty of time, before you need to go somewhere just in case). If you like the way someone has shaped their lips in a photo or winged their eyeliner so perfectly that you want to try it.. DO IT! It is the best way to learn and honestly you can achieve if you try, try and try again.

Please tell me your Tumblr names as I would love to interact with you guys more!
Lots of love
Alysha Kaur

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