What’s wrong with being confident?

Photo credit to Tumblr

Listened to Demi Lovato’s song confident lately.. Even if you haven’t the same truth and rule applies in this. We see so many celebs such as Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner and Zendaya walk the runway as its the walk in the park.

Being confident isn’t thinking your better than everyone else and becoming popular. Being confident is waking up every morning, and looking into the mirror and smiling. It’s the feeling you get when your minding your own business smiling and someone smiles back.
Having confidence is portrayed in different ways,  you need to first know and love yourself only then you can understand who to let in.

Many girls who I see going out now and wear short skirts or dresses are deemed as sluts, hoes or whores.. When did it even come into consideration that these words, are used in everyday life to label a girl like that.

I know many people who throw around these words as if they’re alright to use, as if this way of labelling isn’t repulsive and doesn’t even mean a thing.

There are many music videos, adverts and other promotional ways to showcase bodies in a sexualised manor. The red carpet is always the highlight of fashion as we get to see a lot of teenage girls baring their skin. But why does this seem to be the worst thing to do, if 19-21 year olds are wanting to show skin and be sexy LET THEM.
It’s hard enough growing up in todays world comparing yourself, to these celebrities as you know you’ll never be them or look like them.. But why would you?

You have your own amazing life, your own friends and I can be sure that there is someone you look up to or want to be. But if not that’s simply amazing. Pure beauty is something we should all embrace, smile more, start a conversation with a customer or even the taxi driver. You never know anyone else’s story if you don’t start the conversation.

I think being confident isn’t just thinking you look sexy for someone else, there can be people who need that boost. I know that if someone says that I look good I used to brush it off. Now I think wow I do look good thank you. NO that isn’t wrong, why should it be wrong, why can’t I call myself beautiful or ever think that I’m sexy. I know guys who like to say to girls that they look sexy or cute just for the girls to say they’re not. Some can’t handle confidence but that’s ludicrous, if you feel sexy everyday you wear those heels that make your ass look cute. Even the crop top that makes your cleavage look good, FUCKING OWN IT!

Believe you are beautiful, believe that you are confident and just believe in you..
Lots of Love
Alysha Kaur

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