Selfie apps on iPhone!

We see many celebs with the perfect boobs, butt and stomach, some celebs like to retouch their own photos to make them look flawless. Through learning a few tips and tricks there are a few apps I am dying to share with you!

Tip one:

Facetune is probably the best photo-editing app. You can enjoy the advantages of having a flawless face controlling the smoothness (to hide blemishes). With this app I love to just detail my eyes, outfit and smooth my skin due to some annoying blemishes I have! You can hold down onto the photo you are editing, and see the comparison to what your photo looked like to what it is now. You do have to pay for the app! Yet I think I get a lot of use out of this app and looking at photos that I feel if my skin was clearer the photo would be perfect.. You can now look natural but touch the photo up by using Facetune. Many celebrities use this such as Vicky Pattison, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Now before Instagram could change your photo or video to see it in full size I used Squaready. This app allowed you to crop images and even panoramas to a perfect size without distorting the image. What I love about this app is that if you have a brightly coloured image and crop the image into shape you are able to change the background to merge within your photo.. Like this I love how the image is instantly different and really makes the image stand out even more.

Glitché is a very unusual app, Kylie Jenner is a big fan of this app as it distorts images. Like this video. I love playing around with this app with different photos I have to make them look weird and unusual. The world of art and culture is changing and glitché has totally changed the world of modern visual culture with the different tools and variations that are given.

Fotor is better on the computer (in my opinion). Fotor is the app I use on my computer to easily make my YouTube banners, my logo and also my variations of showcasing my blog post. Now fotor isn’t hard at all to use and I think when making your own YouTube or Facebook banner it is very easy to do!

Tip two:

iPhone’s are very easy to have the best or worst selfies, now I had gone from the iPhone 4s camera to the iPhone 6. When taking selfies I always use natural lighting which really helps (unless you have the professional camera lights). Also when taking selfies, DONT be worried about how stupid you look in some of them, your not going to upload them??

Also a quick tip on what I love to use when taking selfies is use different apps for the camera, I like using Snapchat and my normal camera to just get variations of photo qualities for my selfies.

As you all know I do love giving everyone a little tip and trick for taking photos so on a night out I always use the front flash on Snapchat (where as on the iPhone 6s you don’t need to).

Alysha Kaur



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