Steps on being happy and loving yourself..

So.. today is the day where you’ll get told how to love yourself and be happy.

Step one: There are no rules, boundaries or even steps to being ‘happy’.
You need to look at yourself in the mirror or just wake up everyday and just think how thankful you are that your here, you have friends and family that love you. ALWAYS start off your day in a positive vibe because its contagious.

Within today’s society I see many girls at least 13-15 wearing make-up. Not just a little bit of mascara or eyeshadow. The full 2-3hours of makeup just to go to town. WHAT’S HAPPENED?? I only just f***ing learned what strobing was. Every girl has the right to want to feel beautiful but make-up isn’t always the solution. When I was 13 I never wore makeup, I couldn’t ever dress fashionably and honestly I don’t think once I compared my looks on a celeb.. I don’t like seeing girls as young as 13 wanting to look 18. Why when you have your own life ahead of you. Please don’t rush into becoming older.. trust me it isn’t at all easy as it seems.

Body image is another thing where girls and/ or guys idolise David Beckham or the Kardashian/ Jenner look. Now girls (and some guys creeping onto this blog).. They all have millions of dollars to spend on their looks. Right now I am currently waiting until pay day and I don’t have millions to spent tweaking and carving our the perfect me. So JUST BE F***ING HAPPY!

DON’T EVER THINK you have to have someone else’s impact to make you happy. Do not ever think that just because you don’t have a relationship or someone there for you all the time.. it doesn’t mean you will never have that. I cannot emphasise how grateful I am for some people that have just been there for me. Made me realise who I am and what I mean to them. For people to say they’re proud of me and love what I do makes me push myself even more. It makes me want to showcase my true potential with everyone around me. Being happy never comes from anyone else but yourself. Being confident and showcasing your beautiful curves or your amazing fashion sense is never EVER down to anyone else but yourself.

We all compare, I did it so much I hated who I was. We have hashtags like #bodygoals or #goals underneath perfect couples and perfect bodies..What for? Those people you idolise are in the public eye 24/7 and maybe hide their biggest insecurities.
If there is one thing I have learnt about growing up is that everything happens for a reason. I have looked and searched for at least 2 years for something amazing to happen, just someone to make me happy. Forgetting what I needed to do first. I needed to love myself and be happy. So what did I do? I stopped searching for someone who made me happy and I cut everyone who had a negative impact on my life. It was as if I had changed my life around, the people who brought me down, people who made fun of me went. New friendships with old friends formed, new friendships with people yet to meet are now going to be there for me whenever I need them..

Girls and guys, there aren’t steps on being confident, happy or loving yourself. Why should there be? Everyone should love themselves. There is only one of you, your different and unique. Never ever let anyone tell you different.



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