Carli Bybel 14 Colour Eyeshadow and Highlighter Pallete

Carli Bybel is a well known beautiful beauty blogger, She has 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Carli is known for her contour and amazing effects she can do with her eyeshadows. FINALLY Carli has got her own amazing palette with a 14 colour eyeshadow and highlighter palette.

I think that Carli has added many personal touches that Carli really wanted such as the little penguin on the side, her inspirational quotes and who cannot love these amazing colours. There is a video that Carli has done to showcase what her amazing palette can do and how easy it is to use. The colours are so buttery and so easy to apply but make sure you have a really good eye primer to keep the colours on your eyes.


I absolutely love the deeper tones within this palette such as the purple and the chocolate brown colours for autumn, but the lighter tones for a summer look. Carli has really thought about this palette and I think that within the looks that you’d like to create you can experiment with them more

For this look I wanted to create a Christmas Party look, with the shades it is easy to apply and get carried away. But having the look in your mind makes it easier to know what you want to do.

For the base I used the light plum colour as a base and put this over my eye lid and worked this in. I then used the copper brown colour and placed this just on my eyelid, the gold and the light copper colour was then used to enhance the eyes and make them stand out.

I then used a little trick using a cotton bud to make the sharp edge on the eye. I did add eyeliner onto my eye and flicked the edge out, I like to blend the flick into my eyelid to create a smoky eye look which is perfect for the Christmas time or NYE!

For my eyebrows I always use the Benefit Gimmie Brow Gel yet I have noticed that the gel doesn’t really do anything for my brows. I looked around and looked at other YouTube beauty gurus to see what they liked..

Carli Bybel’s palette was purchased from BH Cosmetics so I browsed on their website on Cyber Monday which is where I noticed the Studio pro ultimate brow palette, this eyebrow palette has different shades for different eyebrows. This is known as a must have for all beauty artists.. I will review this product along with other BH Cosmetic products I have purchased in the new year!


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