New Year New You..

So it’s about that time where we stop thinking about this year and move onto the next.. Even though I swear a few weeks ago I was leaving college *sniff*. Anyways today is another day that I share my beauty tips for the best look to end 2015 and enter 2016..
New Year New You is a little insight on what you can do to get the latest thing for NYE!

Everyone knows my obsession with King Kylie aka Kylie Jenner, I loved the twin double dress she had with her best friend Anastasia. Even though this will take time to ship to England you can always purchase this for a casual night on the town whenever and wherever. The Beverly Hills Tunic – Black is retailed at $22.99 even though the dress looks very thin when it arrived in the post the thickness was amazing, it wasn’t as short and as cheaply made as I had expected it to be. I was beyond ecstatic when this came through the post and thankfully exceeded my expectations.

Photo Credit to Daily Mail

Like I said you cannot get this dress in the time you will want to party for NYE, so Miss Guided thankfully are here to help with their *up to 70% SALE* with similar styles that Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia and many more.. they also do next day delivery but always have a back up dress.. Just in case 🙂



The Carli Bybel palette I love to try different styles that would go with the dresses and the different occasions I have. I used a deep brown colour for the base of my eye, blending well into the crease I then followed the bottom colour with a deeper bronze colour still from the Carli palette. Switching brushes I then added the Bare Minerals- True Gold- Eyeshadow- £15 for the goldy shimmer effect. I loved this colour as it made my eyes brighten and also stand out. Winged eyeliner is a must. I always buy the eyeliner with a strong tip as the little bristles in the brush can ruin your perfect winged eyeliner. The mascara I am loving right now is the Soap & Glory™ Thick & Fast™ Flash Extensions Effect Mascara.

And there you have it.. My Last ever post in 2015.
I hope you all have an amazing start to 2016,
Stay safe.. Much Love
Alysha Kaur



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