Holiday life.. what to wear and how to pack..

I started off my 2016 with a holiday to Tenerife. I had never ever been on a girls holiday, I had no idea how to pack, no idea what to pack and exactly what I would expect.
When I realised that the temperature would be about 27 to 30 degrees in January I knew that shorts, Crop tops and snapbacks would be the ones to pack. Obviously with clothing you have a baggage allowance and being an over packer I had to think about what I would take for 5 days and 4 nights.

What I packed..

-Calvin Klein underwear
-3 pairs of shorts
-1 bikini
-2 swim suits
-tooth brush
-makeup (I use bare minerals)
– medicine
– shoes (2 sandals, heels and
-three going out dresses

I also was allowed to take hand luggage too,
(What I packed)
My liquid makeup in here, cardigan, jumper, 2 snapbacks, 3 sunglasses.

Now the luggage allowance was a small suitcase and hand luggage. To fit all this doesn’t seem that bad but with chunky heels, makeup and hair products I was loosing the will to even go on the plane.

Yet my sister taught me a trick which is now the only way I pack.. The army pack is basically where you roll your t-shirts, socks, underwear into one.

It a technique they use that is easily achievable and also you can fit way more into your suitcase!!


Lots of love
Alysha Kaur

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