Social Sundays- Kanye West and Wiz and the new Kylie Jenner lipkit..

It is finally Sunday! Which means that social media twitter feuds and Kylie Jenner make it into my social Sunday!

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa

First of all did any of you witness these tweets.. These are some of my favourite ones..

So does anyone really know how it all started, or was it just another thing for Kim and Kanye to get into the lime light once again.. Well firstly lets get some things straight here. Kanye West changed the title of his album from SWISH to WAVES, this switch inspired fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa to tweet. ‘Hit this KK and become yourself’ Now supposedly KK is a specific strain of weed… Yet Kanye didn’t take that excuse and spent the last 30 mins batting back at Wiz over his music, his clothes, the mother of his child (amber rose to whom is Kanye’s ex) Now Kanye has deleted the tweets but kept the nice ones up.. How sincere Kanye



So at the end Kanye kind of apologised and was sorry for the fact Wiz lost 2 million followers..
After all that guys and girls Khalifa’s new album Khalifa is being released on February 5th. West’s WAVES is being released a little less than a week later on February 11th.

Kylie Jenner New LipKit Colour..

So as you all must have heard.. if not where the heck have you been.. Kylie Jenner has come out with another beautiful colour in time for Valentines Day. Seeming as Kylie adores her fans she let them pick out a name and Kylie would pick the best one. Posie K is the new colour for Kylie Jenners LipKit. Kylie also has three other shades Candy K, True Brown K and  Dolce K.
If you don’t follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat there is a tease black and white photo of her testing out the new LipKit colours..
I think Kylie Jenner has done very well for herself at the age of 18 she has made her own name, her own brand of clothing and come on.. King Kylie just rules.

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jan 7, 2016 at 12:58pm PST
So what do you guys think of my social Sunday blog??
If you liked it please comment on what more
you’d like to see in my social Sundays
Lot’s of Love
Alysha Kaur

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