Music Mondays- Pillow Talk, Coldplay, Beyonce and Rihanna?!

Music Mondays is about the latest albums and music videos that have caused a stir in the media industry on social media..

Zayn Malik- Pillow Talk
So we’ll p*** off the neighbours..
The music video to Zayn Malik’s new song pillow talk is honestly amazing, I love the way that the video is similar to where are you now by Justin Bieber. Also there is a short remix of those two songs.. Please someone remix it to make not me but everyone happy?? Thanks.. Everyone knows that Zayn and Gigi had a thing but the chemistry which some fan girls may cry over..


There has been so much support from fans regarding his new look, new video and new sound. I’m very proud of Zayn and this is an amazing song.. People may say he caused a stir but who doesn’t after they left 1D . Let’s not forget he was adamant not to even preform and audition on the next stage of X-Factor, let alone being in one of the biggest boybands. Lets just hope he stays on track and keeps creating these visually captivating music videos and music.

Coldplay- Hymn For The Weekend


Now.. Not many people are happy with this video.. this video is both beautiful, visually captivating and is set in a beautiful India.
Yet I do understand both arguments as many people getting annoyed with music artists using Indian culture as something just to use as a fashion statement. Poverty isn’t fashionable and we know by looking at adverts or charities how much poverty there is. The video is set in a slum area within India, but that isn’t what India is all about. There are beautiful captivating temples, farmlands and homes that they could have easily filmed in. Also to point out that due to the fact holi is the celebration of colours they have colours thrown onto them to make the video look better..


Yet NOBODY (but if you’re one of those somebody’s who do then what the f***) will say Beyoncé doesn’t look good in the traditional dress.

Beyoncé hasn’t done anything wrong, she hasn’t made fun of the culture but taken it on and made it her own. She look’s beautiful and stunning with henna (Indian temperamental tattoos), traditional dress. I understand the disagreements but sometimes I just think people are OTT and take the videos meaning too deep.. (What do you think)..

 Rihanna ft. Drake- Work

Rihanna has surprised all of us with her album which went platinum in less than a week (that bit i’ll go into more detail later).The first time I heard work was at 1pm on BBC Radio 1 (the exact day it had been released). Honestly I didn’t like it, I really didn’t understand why we waited so long to hear this song and it wasn’t as I had imagined..


// it’s catchy.. I’m in love with her album and her new sound.. I’m just wondering if she’ll give us a video too..

Now back to Rhi-Rhi going platinum in less than a week, to become a platinum artist they would have had to sold over 1,000,000 copies of their album. This is where the speculation starts.. allegedly Samsung has a marketing deal alongside Tidal (Jay-Z’s music service), Samsung snapped up one million copies of the album as a part of their $25 million sportsmanship with the music service and gave them away for free on tidal.


So what do you think.. did Rhianna cheat her way into making a platinum record or was it just a rumor.. Was Beyoncé right in looking the way she does, and was it right to show the poverty in India.. Has Zayn gone too far in his music video?? I’d love to hear your comments below!

                        Lots of love
                       Alysha Kaur

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