Kylie Jenner Lip Kit!


Dolce K and Candy K are probably the best colours in my opinion that would best suit my colour.

I was very sceptical about getting the colours as i had read they looked different on different skin tones. Once my package arrived (took less than two weeks) I was stunned how carefully placed the LipKit was in the Kylie Cosmetic box. Even with the amazing note by Kylie it felt amazing to have in my hands something Kylie Jenner had put her heart and soul into.
Dolce K came first as i was worried if i bought two at a time i wouldn’t get what i wanted. I did want to wait but i thought i needed to try out the LipKit in the morning to see if it really does last all day.

11084865_1522269691403195_865322894_n12729457_828216667300212_1521655544_n(1)Many matte lipkits are dry and are known to make your lips look horrible and crusty, the lip liner glided on smoothly and effortlessly.. when i opened the Dolce K i was stunned and surprised as the smell of Dolce K smelt of chocolate. I was really happy with how the matte lip glided on top of the liner and made my lips just that more cuter for the day ahead.

The test for all day.. I would say after eating top if off a little bit more but a part form that it would last all night!

Candy K arrived the next day, I wasn’t in on both days that these packages were given to me and the second one was thrown over the gate..

I rushed outside to open my other baby.. This time i think i fell in love over and over again.. Candy K has a slightly more pinky undertone and Dolce has a more natural undertone to it.


When looking at Candy K and Dolce K i think i chose the best tones that best suited my skin tone. I was in love with Mary Jo so hopefully this time round i will get my hands on Mary Jo and i will be happy!!

I know that there are other colours such as True Brown, Posie and Koko yet there are more colours to come..

I think i would much rather wait and see what is next in stock before i get them!

One thing i would say is that make sure you’re happy with wearing matte lipstick before investing in Kylie’s Lip Kit..

I tried NYX, Rimmel and other matte lipsticks before I even knew about this lipkit.. It just so happens i love matte lipstick and how it stays on all day!!

But i cannot fault these beauties..
I love the application, i love how they feel.
Yes they do stay on all day!
 Alysha Kaur

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