Social Sundays- Summer Goals and a Life lesson

Now.. Summer bodies and goals.. I was on track last year and when i looked in the mirror i didn’t see how much weight i had lost. But now i finally have a job it is time for some serious working out.

Finally i can go to the gym and have a 30 minute work out, then building up to an hour work out. I know i wouldn’t ever be a size 8 or 6 but i’m never going to be as i have a curvy body. It’s hard to understand how every girl feels about their body.

I cant speak for every girl but i can speak for my friends and myself when i say what some girls want you may have..

I never understood this but slowly i understood why people looked up to me, why i would get compliments and why on nights i feel comfortable.. Its because i am happy with myself. It’s taken me ages and honestly this time last year i was probably at home wanting a job and doing nothing about it.

But now i have an apprenticeship i love with the best boss in the whole entire world with amazing people i really like.. I have chats with friends who were in the position i was in, i has about £12 in my bank account and i couldn’t handle it anymore.

I have never been so determined to get a digital marketing job, yet people (especially family) didn’t understand it. They didn’t get why media was such a big thing for me to have under my belt. But the best thing that i’ve learnt is that you can never give up.

Nearly a year ago i didn’t think that i would want to be in digital marketing, i had no clue what it was and honestly never knew about it until this year..

Throughout having the time to reflect about what i wanted to do when i was older to what i wanted to do as a job. I thought that i wouldn’t ever know that i would be able to be where i am today if i didn’t believe in myself.

I couldn’t tell you how much it means to me that this apprenticeship will give me the stepping stool i need, to get onto the platform i want to get to.

There have been people around that have tried to knock me down, told me that media is hard to get into. heck i’ve applied to over 200+ jobs, yet through all that i kept saying. It’s going to be worth it in the end and honestly..

It has been worth it.


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