Music Monday’s- V-Festival & Wireless Festival

So as you all know (or if you didn’t i’ll inform you) That V-Fest tickets went on sale at £90ish to see all these amazing artists preform at V-Fest is probably the best thing to ever happen.

Knowing Queen Rhi-Rhi will be preforming work (probably with a special guest Drake) and bringing her set alive to the London festival, Justin Bieber will also be preforming, Sia and David Guetta.. this makes it quite hard not to want to buy all the tickets and them perform just for you.

(Back to reality) This year is defiantly Festival year with performances also by Artists Troye Sivan, Fleur East, Big Sean, Tinie Tempah and Years and Years.

What i love about festivals is the food, the atmosphere and also that the fact is, you pay to see so many new and upcoming artists. A festival is an amazing way to perform to a live crowd and really get your music out there!

Oh Wireless..

Everyone is so disappointed as the headline acts are still yet to be announced..

My theory is someone either pulled out because they didn’t want to go our  V-Fest offered them better things..

Either way it is coming into March and the people are waiting for this!!! PLEASE JUST ANNOUNCE THEM!

Short and sweet hey..

Have you guys ever been to a festival.. got into trouble

trying to sneak backstage?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Lot’s of love

Alysha Kaur



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