What to wear on a night out..

When it comes to looking good or wanting to look good. I usually like being casual, comfortable and sexy.

Within this look i really opted for a casual look and very comfortable heels, with this look it honestly was very last minute.. I’m never an earring type of girl but i really loved these hooped earrings. Yet within this look the earrings i linked are not the same but very similar.

Hooped earrings (NEW LOOK)

Waterfall camel coat (MISSGUIDED)

The waterfall coat added a very classy and elegant look to my outfit and as it was -1 outside. It’s always a good idea to wear a very elegant and classy coat! As i know most of my readers are Students of either University or College, Missguided offer student discount which is an amazing 10% off.

Leather midi Skirt (MISSGUIDED)

Khaki Roll Neck Top (MISSSELFRIDGE)

The Khaki Roll Neck Top is now £9 instead of £15, i loved this top as it was thin but long sleeved. It kept me warm but looked very chic with the leather skirt.

Tempered Glass Mirrored Skinz (SASSYSKINZ)

Mirrored Skin? Well mine has chipped because i am very careless with my IPhone 6 yet i love how amazing these skinz are. Rose gold was the colour i wanted of the IPhone yet i know that this was a lot of money.

So the mirrored Skin Case is the best thing forward, it also  (as it says in the name) acts like a mirror. So when in doubt of how beautiful you are.. Just remind yourself 😉

Lots of love

Alysha Kaur



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