It’ll be alright in the end..

But.. before I start rambling on.. I just wanted to say that I hate making impressions.

Why you ask

Because first impressions stay with people, yet today was a real life changing moment at work due to the fact it is a Friday and I wanted to make myself proud. I was sitting down achieving the goals I needed to for the day.

My boss asked my fellow colleges about if their week had been eventful.. I was thinking to myself at that point, why out of all these people did my boss choose me as his apprentice? My boss asked me how my week went and I told him honestly I didn’t get it, I didn’t understand the work or the tasks set out but I want to learn and within this week i have. My boss said ‘That’s exactly what I wanted you to say, this is the reason why you’re here. You won’t be in the position as the rest of your peers as you haven’t got the skills or knowledge yet. But it takes time’ 

Nearly a year ago I didn’t think that i would want to be in digital marketing, I had no clue what it was and honestly never knew about it until this year..

I couldn’t tell you how much it means to me that this apprenticeship will give me the stepping stool i need, to get onto the platform i want to get to.

There have been people around that have tried to knock me down, told me that media is hard to get into. Heck i’ve applied to over 200+ jobs, yet through all that i kept saying. It’s going to be worth it in the end and honestly..

It has been worth it.
Has anything happened in your life that you’ve been so grateful of?
Tell me in the comments below or email me!

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