Must have’s in your bag..

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‘Its not just a bag. It’s Prada’.. Quote springs to mind.

But it’s true no matter if you have the newest Fendi bag or just one from Primark for that matter.. You all have those little things you take out wherever you go..

Must have’s (if you must).

So lets break it down and tell the secrets about what I keep in my bag..

First of all (nothing exciting) is my little card wallet, in this Card wallet I have my important cards.. These are the cards I need with me at all times, and instead of taking them out I purchased this little purse from TK Maxx.

 Dune is known to be expensive but seeming as TX Maxx allows us customers to purchase them for half the price. (So this means I feel a lot better about myself).

Secondly is makeup, i don’t carry my whole makeup bag but as i have oily skin it is best to keep my BareMinerals brush and a translucent powder just to brush over when i look a bit shiny. Lipgloss, Kylie LipKit or even my Mac lipstick.. if I’m wearing lipstick these are the first things that you should place into your bag for a long day or a night out on the town.. It’s a must have to touch up on.

I’m also a HUGE fan of music, the latest RnB artists to Fallout Boy i need to listen to music on the bus and when i strut my stuff (don’t act like you don’t do it to Beyonce).

So obviously my phone and headphones are a must have!

Items such as snacks, food, chewing gum are always handy too!

New note pad by the amazing RedBubble is a must in my bag! I take it everywhere I go and I love how cute and quirky it is..

I love these little things in my bag as they’re just easy and a must have!

What is the must have in your bag? Anything you cannot live without?

Comment below 🙂

Alysha Kaur





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