Social Sunday’s- Poison & The beauty of confusion..

Many of you may know or not that i love Humble the Poet.

Humble was an elementary school teacher who uses his art and powerful words to write the books ‘101 simple truths for a better life‘ and ‘101 honest truths to take life deeper‘.

The first book opened my eyes on who i was as a person and who i should become.. I felt i wanted to become someone else. Someone prettier, stronger and more (honestly) like other people.

Yes yes i know you know i compare myself a lot but honestly i cannot help it.. You want to know why?? Its because that voice in my head, i listen to it. When honestly i should be thinking to myself if i’m not happy i should be doing something about it.

If i don’t feel i am doing my potential at my job, why should i be there when i know i can do better? If i honestly feel like devouring a whole gigantic pizza to myself with fries and Coke.. Who the f**** will judge??

 Humbles first book helped me but his second has really understood me, my beliefs and who i stand for as a person.


Poison is probably (so far) the best chapter..

‘The voices inside your head have a strong impact on you, and sometimes you’re going to need to say “SHUT THE F*** UP” and change the dialogue. Tell yourself you’re feeling awesome, and you fee; a bit more awesome. This isn’t the placebo, this is the real thing’

Reading this whilst thinking about a lot of things that go on in my life and the changes that occur really make me wonder.. Why do i listen to this voice in my head that seems to bring me down.

I should love myself for who i am.. this always seems to be the case of me channeling my feelings towards you and not doing anything about it.


 The Beauty of confusion is an amazing chapter.. A lot of things happen in everyone’s life and we all decide to channel our feelings and thoughts in different ways to manage it.

Within life we seem to have this need to want to figure everything out. But you know what? That’s just not possible and that’s what can make life more wonderful’ 

Humble knows and understands the way people think about things, how we feel and depend on ourselves or others to help us along the journey of life..

Yet we cant think, hope or imagine that one day someone will come into your life wave a magic wand and all your problems will miraculously vanish..

The unknown is scary and trust me.. we all have the fear of the unknown but you can channel the fear and make it into a strength to guide you through whatever challenges you face.. If it’s in your personal life, work life, relationships or just something that bothering you.. You can always rely on Humble to understand you and make you feel that nobody is alone..

Everyone has (once in a while) been where you are right now, curled up in a blanket or in the sun in LA.. EVERYONE HAS PROBLEMS, ITS THE WAYS WHICH WE CHOOSE TO DEAL WITH THEM CAN MAKE OR BREAK WHO WE ARE..

I really hope that you liked this weeks social Sunday

If you have any questions or suggestions

leave a comment or email me..








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