Music Mondays- Wireless Line up & Natural Makeup

  Music mondays and guess what?!?!?!


When wanting to get the tickets i thought about it for a few seconds, i’m so annoyed.

I just feel that the whole festival is random and weird, come on The 1975, Bryson Tiller and then Calvin Harris??

V Fest seems to know and understand exactly what we want to see and feel at a real festival.. I’m actually so annoyed that the line up is like this, to me it seems just so random and  honestly makes no sense.

img_4802So hopefully i get to go to V-Fest and enjoy my time rather than trying to dance to The 1975 then Bryson Tiller doesn’t really appeal to me..

Natural makeup-

I think natural looking is the best makeup but i have noticed that the highlight has made my contour.

I usually don’t like purchasing makeup online, as i have no idea what it will look like.

But i took a chance and bought a Gold Wonder Stick.. this highlight is easy to apply and brush onto my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and top part of my lip.

I love applying makeup (don’t get me wrong) but when having natural looking makeup is the best summer time, winter and just maybe going gym (if you do that type of stuff)

The tip to get my hair curly/ wavy. I plait my hair and overnight sleep with it. Once my makeup is done the next day, i take my plaits out.

Use a Moroccan hair oil  in your hair, and boom..

Lots of love




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