Social Sundays- MissGuided & Tinder??

As you all know MissGuided is known for being on target with their fashion look a like outfits (I mean come on its amazing).
Shopping on MissGuided is really hard (because I’d purchase everything), yet I can’t unless you want to donate money you’re more than welcome.. 

This week there was a 50% discount and everyone went so crazy that the site went down.. It was the worst thing that has ever happened. Due to the fact I had many things in my bag and surprise suprise they all disappeared as soon as the website crashed..

I love missguided as they really care about their customers, customers were given a personalised discount to use on any items (except sale) to get 50% off.

Yet getting an app is the best thing I have done.
This innovative idea to shop quickly so you know what you like, what to buy, how much it is.. Adding it into love places it into your wishlist to add in your bag!

It’s a little tinder twist onto the lone of fashion..  
I have bought many things but my fav outfit is with the newest skirt I bought a Bodycon Midi skirt from MissGuidedJersey Roll Neck from MissSelfridgePosie K LipKit by Kylie.

I absolutely loved the skirt at is was so soft, it was beautiful and so comfortable.

I also added a personal touch with my nails which you can purchase from Boots.

What did you guys get in the MissGuided sale? I love purchasing dresses for going out and about in.  Ever been in my siuation when you’re ready to pay and all your items are gone.. Music Monday’s up tomrorow!!!! 

                      Lots of love Alysha xoxo 


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