What to wear Wednesday’s-Kylie Lip Kits and French Braids

What to wear Wednesdays!!! (can I get a whoop whoop).. 

When thinking about what to do with my hair.. Usually a hair in a bun or a pony tail would suffice. Yet when thinking about my hair on this day French braids were the way to go..

I love the fashion of French braids and how they are edgy, sexy and really made your outfit look that more effortless.

When wanting my hair to stay in place I usually plait my hair when I have partly dried it after a shower. Spraying on frizz oil or Moroccan oil really helps those baby hairs stay. When plaiting your hair in the French braids, you usually plait over but with French braids it’s an under technique you need to use to make sure they’re tight from the top all the way down.

My outfit is a causal outfit, it was a beautiful sunny Saturday so I was able to wear my blue midi dress with Nike trainers and my camel colour missguided coat.

Well well well.. Kylie Jenner has done it again.. I have 5 lip kits which I adore so very much.. Honestly I just cannot believe that I am able to touch these and own all five of the ones I wanted.

When thinking of how much Kylie Jenmer hyped up her lip kits I thought that the formula would be horrible, tacky and honestly over rated.. Come on who would buy something that isn’t perfect. Yet the formula is beautiful and easy to apply, I wouldn’t say that you wouldn’t have to top it up but the formula is very easy to put on and smells amazing!




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