LipGloss.. Kylie Cosmetics

So it’s April 1st which means pranks, fun and games.. Oh and of course Kylie’s Launch party of her new Lip gloss..

King Ky is at it again showcasing her lip gloss in nothing but a short crop top, leather pants and a LV bandanna.. We all love you Ky but come on.. a bit too much for just three lip glosses don’t you think??



Glosses by Kylie Jenner was directed by the famous Colin Tilley..



Like, Literally and so cute are similar shades to CANDY, DOLCE AND TRUE BROWN..


Karin Jinsui, Mara Teigen, Kylie Jenner and Jasmine Sanders (aka golden barbie) are all involved in a robbery to introduce, ‘like’, ‘literally’ and but of course ‘so cute’..



King Ky has tried to push the boundaries of modern advertisement into an 3 minute ad for Gloss..

Yet, its too much and the video is confusing.

First of all it’s April fools day which isn’t the most practical day to launch ‘gloss’.. also the names are confusing too.. When watching the video first time i didn’t understand what i should have and shouldn’t have been paying attention to.

Lastly the whole stealing money and bad girl vibe has been overrated and done before, but luckily for Ky she had director to give her the shots types to make the video as amazing as it is..


All though many of us love or loathe  Kylie Jennerthere is no doubt that once these go on sale 11pm GMT.. At the price of £11.50. Miss Kylie will be throwing her cash everywhere..

giphy (1)

What shade is your fav and what do you want to see next on Kylie Cosmetics..

Comment below!



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