Food appreciation post!


Social Sunday’s isn’t always about fashion.. it can be about food as well right?

Well a few weeks ago me and my sister attempted to make Jerk chicken with rice and peas…

By the photos what do you think.. I was in love with the flavours and spices within the chicken..

The rice and peas was easy to cook, took no time and also wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be.. I have never tried to attempt to make rice like this and it was amazing.

It’s a different technique but I thankfully pulled it off without undercooking the rice..

Now.. lets all just take a nice moment to appreciate churros and in all their form of glory.. Having a waffle maker is amazing due to the fact you can make waffle churros!!! Churros are simple and very easy to make, they’re amazing with chocolate and chilli sauce and/ or ice cream..

How do you guys think I did with my rice and peas??

Have you trailed and tested making a new recipe?

Leave your comments below or email me

Alysha Kaur



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