Review on VitaStiks


Ever heard of VitaStik??

This is one of the most innovative and creative ideas out there. With different vitamins, VitaStik is a nicotine- and tobacco free e-cigarette.

Vitamin A, B, C and E as well as CoQ10.

The five main flavours are blueberry (Relax), eucalyptus/ mint (Refresh), orange (Energize), green tea/ vanilla (Calm) and cherry/ mint (Grace).

I noticed a lot of bloggers I followed such as WhateverJulietta have given these vape pens really good reviews. Even though I do not condone smoking VitaStik’s are supposed to be really beificial to your health..

Yet recent studies have shown, that there have been no effects on what vitamins stay in the body, and for how long.

My favourite pen is the Blueberry Relax stick, as it being cute and pink, it’s a strong flavour of blueberry. If you’re wanting to try it out and not sure about the flavours. Calm is amazing, as it’s got a subtle sweet taste from the vanilla to mask the intencness of green tea it is one not to miss.

Retail price is £6.50 (price incl. VAT)  but for a limited time only there is a bundle discount with certain items online).

A lot of my friends smoke when they’re out to keep themselves calm, I know that with this little VitaStik I can take it out and about, on the town and know it’s not doing any harm to me or my body.

I am in love with this and you should defiantly try it out too!

If you’re trying to quit smoking or want a shisha pen on the go,

invest in VitaStik. The price is very affordable, over 500 (drags off the pen) and guilt free..

Lots of love

Alysha Kaur







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