I am more than..



Through school years I wanted to be the pretty amazing popular girl. I wanted to show my confidence and embrace myself..

I wouldn’t completely say that i am happy with myself, im far from it and i need a lot of motivation to get into shape.. Yet loosing the puppy fat, knowing what to wear and having my own fashion blog made me feel confident.

When i go into interviews i get asked a lot of why i became a blogger, is it for money or for leisure? But honestly i love just writing to know that people actually read my content and know me as a person..

Dating back to that photo on the left i was about 16 years old, i hated my makeup, didn’t feel pretty and i wanted the day to end.. I looked at the beautiful stunning girls standing before me in the line waiting to go into the dinner hall.. Every guy would look at her as if she was a godess someone so naturally stunning and little old me with my brace face trying to get some food..

But from then i have changed, not who i am as a person at all.. But learn’t to embrace myself and give myself acknowledgement for my self worth.

Self worth can mean a lot of things but i’ve noticed that if you don’t believe in yourself, if you look at yourself everyday and aren’t happy with the way you look.. Change it.

#IAMMORETHAN just that little girl in this photo..

I realised i wanted to be someone i was not, i realised that my real friends would always be beside me, through whatever came my way.

#IAMMORETHAN that young shy, unconfident 16 year old who got bullied for the way she looked by boys who would soon want to be her friend..

#IAMMORE than just a selfie which i edit to make myself look better and less spotty, less shiny and more perfect.

Through all of this ive always wanted to have a voice, something that would define me apart from anyone else.

Well this blog is my voice and i hope every girl and boy/ man and woman find

themselves and always are happy with who they are as a person..

Alysha Kaur




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