Coachella Fashion…




I am in love with all these looks for Coachella, Peach hair, lace, sandals is the best way to start the first day of Coachella for Kylie, Hailey and Kendall..

Day 2


Lace bralettes, hooped earrings and rainbow hair is just the few things that we got to see on Day 2..

Vanessa Hudgens aka QUEEN of Coachella had her nails bejewelled and everything was on point with the long locks to her amazing flowwing dress..12479078_617370175095538_1700891800_n12940771_1128562250529259_59543128_n(1)

 Some i love some i hate.. which festival look are you going for this year..

Dare to die your hair like kylie or army pants like Pia Mia?

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2 thoughts on “Coachella Fashion…

    1. Hey Hun! Type Womens Fashion High Waist Casual Pants Elastic Military Army Camouflage Trousers into eBay.. They’re similar xoxo


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