Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and Gloss review

King Ky is here with her new shade colours Reign K, King K, Heir K, in time for Coachella!

I get so excited when the postman comes with the Kylie Kit box as it’s just as if Kylie is personally giving it to me..

When opening each and every gloss the brushes were unfortunately ruined

I then saw this tweet on @kyliecosmetics on Twitter..

Kylie looks after us as fans.. For everyone who complained and was annoyed this is the proof that she cares?!!!

Lovely photo of my pj bottoms..
(Left to Right) Literally, So Cute and Like

When putting the glosses to see the pigmentation I honestly was in love, all glosses were thick, not sticky at all and amazing to match and pair with her lip kits or even on their own.

I tried and tested literally on a night out pairing it with Candy K mixing Dolche K. I loved how the gloss was easy to apply and looked super pigmented. I don’t have to reapply my gloss at all, even when i stuffed my face with some cake..

Kylie Matte LipKit..

(Left to Right) Mary Jo K, 22 K, Posie K, Koko K, Candy K and Dolche K

I love each and every colourful swatch and pigmented shade of the matte lipkits. my favourite shades are Dolche K, 22 K and Candy K..

When sharpening her pencils i have had a little difficulty yet once with the right sharpener.. it’s fine!

I cannot wait to review all three of her metal shades which are out soon!!

Are you lucky enough to get your paws on all colours, or just waiting for something that catches your eyes??

Leave a comment below!







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