Kylie Jenner look for less..

A look for less is usually a challenge but with this look the suede is finally in fashion for spring!! Tan suede is perfect with this look to Tyga’s studio back early this year..


First of all her dress is from Mistress Rocks, which is a very well known store amongst all the celebs as well as Kylie Jenner. kjay2


Rolex Lady-DateJust Oyster Yellow Gold Watch (Not Available online)

Alexandre Birman Python Sandal approx. £559.78

Balenciaga Classic City Suede Tote Bag approx. £Suede Camel dress £23.79 the dress arrives perfectly wrapped in white tissue paper. I was a bit worried about how thin the material was but once on (and a little weight lost by me) it was stunning, fit perfectly and is easy to handwash!Similar shoes to Kylie’s are the TOPSHOP ROMEO Soft Two-Part Sandals £49.00 have very similar look a likes for £12 each in colours Rose Gold, Gold and silver.. with free P&P if you live in the UK what more would a girl want?!

what are you’re favourite Kylie Jenner looks..

Have you ever done a look for less?! If so i’d love to see



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