My Acne Story..

These photos were taken January this year.. My skin felt as it was burning, spots didn’t have anything in them and my skin was horrific.. Being on holiday I felt so self conscious and didn’t want to go out..

I felt i couldn’t even wear make-up and the app ‘FaceTune’ was my best friend..I had enough and i went to the doctors.. the pain was too much for me to handle and i felt ugly.

I was put onto a tablet called Lymecycline, this helped so much and after a few months of taking them everyday for about five months, my skin started to clear.

BUT.. keeping on these tablets wasn’t easy.

I would miss days and it came clear that my skin cleared on it’s own..

I felt better and noticed whenever I took the pills they got worse..


Natural face masks and remedies were the next option.. I visited my local Lush store and it was the BEST thing I’ve ever done.

For oily, fry, sensitive and redness i was advice to use the following


(Tingles the skin makes it plump gets rid of scaring)

Tea Tree Water

(toner before makeup and after taking off)

Full of Grace

(soap cleanser)

Mask of Magnanimity

(mask to stop oilyness)

Enzymion Moisturise

(mattifying fruit moisturiser)

I am in love with Lush.. don’t take my word for it.

Trial it out and ask for testers to take home!



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