So yes I am late and I don’t care. My blog today is about my March fav’s and more.. the run down on the latest fashion and makeup sites that I love and is affordable! Because come on, who has that much money to spend when we’re at uni am i right?

(ngl most of my money goes on food but that’s another story)


Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Golden Sugar


This’blush palette’ is life for me, its probably the most cheapest palette and has lasted me a lifetime. The colour and pigmentation is out of this world, for me there have been many highlighters. Kylighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills and so on.. But for a cheap way for you to slay on any day (see that rhyme), this is my go to highlight palette.


Anastasia Beverly Hills


The first time I saw this palette it was in disbelief that anything could be as beautiful and as colourful as this. From Manny MUA, Carli Bybel and Jeffree Star have spoken about its pigmentation, creamy and blendable formula. The brush that is given is perfect for the high brow bone and underneath your eye. is fast and free delivery (from a certain amount you spend). This is my fav eyeshadow palette for everyday wear to a night out look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette




Kylie Kit’s are always my favs, but i have taken a liking to the ‘Brown Sugar‘ lip kit by Kylie Jenner. The formula is never ever dry on my lips, it glides on smoothly and smells like vanilla buttercream. This is perfect for a day out or a night out regardless i 100% rate this product and stand by Kylie’s products.





This kit is perfect for eyeliner, but a little trick I do is actually use this to fill in my eyebrows. The brush is easily applied onto the brow, as my kyliner was bought the first time it came out. The brush has changed (so im unable to speak about how well the brush applies the formula on this one).  The liner also comes with a pencil in which you can opt for a natural brow look if in a rush, or a slick arched look anyone would die for.


Pauler Vickers Sugar box Highlighter


Good things come in small packages right, well this is the moment when you see the highlighter you’ll probably want every single one. Strobing is now a very old style to highlight your face, yet this highlight stick is the best thing I have ever seen. The gold shimmer is one of the best i have used, i also use the revolution highlighter too just to enhance the golden highlight glow everyone wants.

Pauler Vickers Sugar box Highlighter stick All Over Shimmer Highlighting Powder Creamy Texture (gold)




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