Holiday Life Pt 2.

Now for the food in Tenerife, I think it is fair to say it was probably the best food and most authentic food I had ever tasted.

The first place that I tried food was at Monkey Beach Club, they had authentic Spanish food but also club sandwiches and amazing cocktails (so I was told).

The mocktail drink I ordered was a Virgin Daiquiris which was a blend of fruit, syrup, lime juice and crushed ice. You could choose from Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Banana or Melon. Within having the Pineapple Daiquiris before I chose that flavour. Having fun in the sun and playing in the sea works you up an appetite, so within looking at the food Monkey beach Club had to offer I decided to eat a Monkey Beach Club Sandwich. This sandwich consisted of chicken, lettuce, bacon, tomato with a side of homemade pickled mayo (sandwich doesn’t come with chips).

In the evening we wanted something nice and heavy as we had a very early lunch, when thinking about what we liked we wanted a variety of foods. Near our hotel we walked around to notice a restaurant tucked away called Banana Garden, we were welcomed into the restaurant with people dancing to music, (like a dance and bar club type of restaurant). The waiters were very polite and they gave everyone of the girls free champagne. With the food choice they didn’t disappoint. I chose the Mexican beef steak with rice and authentic black beans on the side. The only disappointment I had was the rice, it wasn’t flavoursome but I loved everything else.
Within looking at other restaurants I had no idea what La Terrazza del Mare but with a gentleman standing outside explained to us that we wouldn’t be disappointed at all. Honestly we weren’t. The calming music and the coloured bubbled glass walls is a perfect place for a romantic meal for two or just a quick lunch.
Me and my sister ordered the Paella, we didn’t want the veal in the paella only chicken, you could tell the chicken was browned first. The paella did take time to cook and was served to us on a little table. The waiter explained to us that if we did want more they would place it onto our plate. The waiters gave us a 5 star experience and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I also tried my sister favourite side dish which were simply divine,
The last day of Tenerife we all went back here, I ordered the carbonara which was amazing, the spaghetti was al dente, the sauce was creamy and peppery. When it arrived on the table I was astonished with the presentation and the most beautiful orange yolk that when touched lightly burst all over the spaghetti. I also had fries on the side which I used to soak the sauce that was left over on my bowl.
Unfortunately there wasn’t anymore chocolate soufflé instead ordered a strawberry cheesecake which was beautiful. I think within the food and the atmosphere La Terrazza del Mare was the best thing I have ever experienced.


Lots of love
Alysha Kaur

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